White GTE: Little Electrics

Tom Wilson wanted to change the signal lights to LEDs which are a great upgrade when driving in modern traffic. The front marker/turn signal light has a clear lens so we needed to order an orange LED bulb to fit behind the lens. The first thing I did when taking the lens out was to put a drop cloth down under the car because years ago I did the same thing for a 275GTB and I watched in slow motion as the glass lens fell out of my hands and smash on the concrete floor! A friend of mine in Germany had a replacement lens and saved me, but I learned a valuable lesson to make a soft landing when working with glass lenses!

LEDs are a mixed bag of quality so it’s taken me some time to find some good bulbs. These will work fine.

Next project was to install the glove box light.

The switch and light always seemed like an after thought, and often gets misplaced on a restoration. This one was reinstalled and working now.