Nocciola Dino

A new car was dropped off at my shop this past weekend. It was a 18K original mile US Spec 246 Dino. The current owner has owned this car for a while, but hasn’t had much time to drive it the past couple of years. The plan is for Steve to drive the car this summer, so my job was to service the car and see what else this car may need.

I took the wheels off to bleed the brakes, change the oil, and drain the coolant, but I immediately noticed a problem with the wheel bolts.

Someone previously had the bolts re-plated, but took a short cut and didn’t strip off the old chrome plating. As the bolts continued to rust underneath, the top layer started to flake off in razor sharp sheets of chrome plating. Not only is this unsightly, it’s also dangerous when you go and change a tire. I’m going to have the plating re-done, but this time we’ll do it right.

After a fluid change, I took the car for a drive to meet a Paintless Dent Removal guy. This car had two little dimples right on the nose of the car, and it drove me nuts to see it every time I walked up to the car. Luckily, these two little imperfections were perfect candidates for PDR.

A video shows the dents better.

Not all PDR guys are good, and bad ones can ruin a car. My guy came highly recommended and met me in a parking lot between jobs at bodyshops.

Access to the panel from under the nose of the Dino was very good, so this wasn’t too much of a challenge for Dwight, but his van had a huge assortment of tools for almost any type of job.

After about an hour of massaging and light tapping, the two dents disappeared. Now the owner and I can be happy without those two little eyesores!