Crumbling Foam

On the drive back from getting the dents taken out of the Dino, I felt like I was driving through a sand storm! With both windows open, I noticed a lot of dust flying around. I had this happen before on another Dino, and it was the old foam inside the sun visors raining down into my eyes. I looked up while driving this car and found the visors intact and the foam still in good shape. I suffered through the sand storm and made a note to look closer at the problem.

When I got out of the car, I noticed everything was covered in powder, and realized it was coming from the back panel of the car.

I could see the foam behind the panel was crumbling to dust and blowing all over the place.

I carefully removed the leather panel and found the source of the sandstorm.

I vacuumed up all the loose foam and scrubbed off as much as I could. Original cars like this are neat, but the downside is some of the original materials are well past their service life!

Since the seats had to come out to access the rear panel, I did a little bit of cleaning.

I believe these seats were dyed at one point in the past, but there was also a lot of dirt embedded into the leather.

I tried my best to get some of this dirt out of the seats to give the interior a little brighter look than the dirty brown it had turned into.

Using some mild soap and a toothbrush, I worked on releasing some of the dirt. After cleaning, I applied some leather conditioner to keep the leather from drying out.