Ferrari 400GT/4 2+2 Service

An old friend showed up at my shop a couple of weeks ago. It was a 1979 Ferrari 400GT/4 2+2. I found this car several years ago for the current owner and she looks as good as I remembered.

The owner hasn’t had much time to drive this car and he’s thinking it’s time to sell it and get it into the hands of another enthusiast. The owner asked me to look the car over and see if there were any needs.

Besides the red valve covers, the engine bay is pretty tidy. I could tell I didn’t do the last oil change because they’re not Badwins, but it looks like the car has seen very few miles in the last couple of years.

The plug color was good, but the rust on a couple of plugs is from moisture getting down in the plug area and sitting. This is another reason to drive these cars a little bit more to dry things out! A new set of plugs were installed. I’ll post more pictures soon of this car for sale, but if you’re interested, let me know!