Progress with another GTE

I have another Ferrari 250GTE at my shop waiting for parts to arrive in the mail. Although I’ve been keep myself pretty busy during this Corona Virus pandemic, certain things have been affected, especially parts from Italy. I ordered a set of leaf spring insulators several weeks ago, but because Italy was all but shut down, we had to wait until things opened up before these finally arrived in the mail.

I’m not creating a concours car with this restoration, but replacing the old dry rotted spring insulators was worth the wait.

The car was freshly painted, but the stainless steel trim needed to be cleaned up and polished a little bit before putting them back on the car.

New weather stripping was installed along with the rear quarter window.

These windows had a lot of fiddly little bits and after struggling to get the first one installed, I got smarter with the second one.

Instead of trying to thread these special bevel headed nuts on very short studs to secure the quarter window, I thought about how they would have done it at the factory.

I realized they would have threaded longer bolts through the window frame, screwed the special nuts onto the bolts, and cut the bolt flush after everything was tightened. It was much easier to do it this way than what I did with the last one. Moving on!