GTE Wiring Harness and Brake lines

We had a new wiring harness made for the Blue GTE I have at the shop. It seemed a little daunting when it first came out of the box, but I’m glad this was a car made in the 60s and wasn’t a modern car with three times the amount of circuits!

Once I laid it out and oriented the harness in the direction I needed to run the wires, I had a plan of attack.

The main trunk of the wiring needed to go through the firewall, and it needed a large grommet to insulate the harness. There are grommet kits that are sold for Ferraris, but I have never found all the grommets useful, and the “Ferrari Tax” charged for these kits seemed like a waste of money. I found grommet online that was close to what I needed, but still needed a little modification to fit, so after some sanding with a dremel, I managed to make a perfect fit.

For a couple of bucks and a few minutes of work, I had good grommet install without spending a lot more for grommets that I didn’t need!

The wiring harness shares space in the chassis with brake lines, so I needed to run some new brake lines to replace the old crusty ones. Once the wiring harness goes into the chassis, there won’t be enough room to pass the brake line fittings through the holes!