GTE Dash Assembly

I had to send out the blue GTE’s dash to my upholsterer for a new leather dash top, but first I had to install a couple details including this chrome trim strip.

At first glance the chrome looked old and worn, but I knew some polishing was going to do a world of good.

A little time and effort brought the shine back.

This car came to my shop in a boxes and pieces, missing a bunch of parts, and a lot of the attachment hardware was missing. I had to grind down some machine screw heads to fit in the channel of the chrome trim.

There were almost a dozen screws that held this piece in place, and was pretty fiddly to get in position. Having been off the car for so long and moved from one shop to another, things got tweaked, so some gentle bending and forming was needed to fit things perfectly.

There were a bunch of other parts that needed to be prepped and sent out with the dash another one being the glove box door hinge. A previous paint job on this car was red, and there was some overspray on the hinge. With everything apart, now was the time to remove all evidence of this previous paint color!

While the dash was out of the car, I worked on cleaning, painting, and putting the hood release mechanism back on the car. It’s always amazing when you take everything apart that you realize how many fiddly parts there are for every mechanism!