Final Sorting on a Dino

I have this Euro Spec Dino that is just about ready to go home. I had the speedometer sent out for servicing to eliminate a clicking noise and I’m happy to report the gauge is back in the car and quiet as a mouse!

Each time I drove the car, I made a list of things that I wanted to fix and adjust. Checking the lights, I found the right headlight wasn’t working on high or low beams. Luckily, it was a simple fix of replacing the bulbs.

A more involved repair was getting the oil temperature gauge to work. Although the water temp gauge would rise as the car was driven, the oil temp gauge would never move off the lowest setting. Most Vintage Ferraris take forever for the oil temperature gauge to register, often not moving until after at least 15-20 minutes of driving. I drove this Dino for quiet a while, but the oil temp didn’t budge.

The first thing I did was ground out the wire at the sender to see if the gauge would register, but no luck. With no current coming to the sender unit, I had to take a peek behind the dash.

Since I had the speedometer out of the car, I was already familiar with the procedure of getting the instrument cluster out of the dash, but it didn’t make it any easier.

After unplugging the oil pressure gauge, I found a wire was cut! I fished around the rats nest of wires behind the dash and managed to find the other end of this green wire. I checked the circuit and nothing seemed to be wrong, so I soldered the wires back together and got the gauge to work again.

The next day, I took the blue Dino out for a nice long drive to test everything out. I am very fortunate that there are some great roads in my county in Upstate New York with very little traffic, perfect for a Dino.

I often tell people that driving a lot of old Ferraris is an occupational hazard in my business. Some people would say this is a dream job, but the down side is when I’m doing a shake down drive on these cars, every little sound, hiccup, or stumble has me on high alert. The day before, it was a 90 degree day, and I had to see how the car’s cooling system handled the heat. I was happy to report the engine and cooling system worked flawlessly, even though I had to suffer through driving this non-A/C car for hours!

I’m not really complaining because once I got over the fear of breaking down or overheating, the drive was glorious!