White GTE

I got the white GTE back together and back on the road this week!

I sent the driveshaft yoke out for straightening. The machinist straightened the bent ear and machined the bearing surface straight. I reassembled the drive line parts and installed it back on the car.

I took the car out for a quick test drive with just the transmission cover installed and one seat to see if the vibration was gone, and was happy to feel a smooth drive all the way up to about 80 mph! I slowed down after all the wind started howling up through the loosely fitted interior pieces!

I drove back to the shop and installed the rest of the interior including the center console, the other seat, and carpet pieces. With everything back together and no wind coming up from the floor, I saw 90 mph and no vibrations. Woo Hoo!

I’m calling out for some help. The dipstick to this car got misplaced on Tom Wilson’s car, and I’ve been trying to find a replacement. I borrowed one from one of the GTEs I have at the shop but with this car getting ready to go home, I need to find a permanent replacement! I know a supplier has one in reproduction, but I’d love to find used one.

Here’s a detail of the end. If you have one of these kicking around in your spare parts stash, let me know or reach out to Tom Wilson. Thanks!