Battery Trays

Before sending one of the Dinos home, I pulled the battery out to check for corrosion. Battery acid can leak down and corrode the steel underneath. Just a little bit of battery acid or even the fumes are enough to strip the paint from the steel and start the corrosion process. I neutralized the acid and added some fresh paint to keep future corrosion at bay.

This car was missing the top battery hold down, so I fabricated a new one. I have the steel pieces aleady bent and in stock, so making replacements for these cars is a breeze.

Speaking of battery trays, I had to fix the one that was going into a GTE I’m working on. It looks like an original battery tray, but was modified sometime in its past. I welded up the holes and got ready to return it to its original configuration.

The original battery tray had on fixed post welded to the bottom tray.

The opposite side of the tray had a loop and rod bent in the loop to secure it to the tray. Both of these rods had threaded ends, so I got some 6mm rod, welded, bent, and secured them in place and cut threads on the ends. Now we have a correct Ferrari battery tray!