New Project

A new project was delivered to my shop last week and it’s going to require a complete restoration. You may remember this car when I went to Virginia last summer to inspect it for the buyer. Little did I know the buyer wanted me to eventually restore this car for him! I called Dwight last Spring in the middle of the COVID Pandemic and discussed if this project was still in the works, and he confirmed more than ever he wanted this car brought back to her former glory, so we made plans to get the car to NY.

As you can imagine this car is a “non runner” so moving this car off the truck and around the building and into the shop took some foresight. I needed to move enough cars outside so I could tow this Series II Ferrari 330GT 2+2 into the shop with enough room to rotate it into position. I could have used my truck to pull it into the shop, but my Acura took up a lot less room to allow the 330 to move around!

With the 250GTE behind it, I’ve got my hands full this winter, but the 330GT will be a long term project that we’ll see on this website into the future!