Ferrari 308GT/4

A Ferrari 308GT/4 arrived at my shop that was freshly purchased by a new customer. It’s his first Ferrari, and I wanted to make sure this was a pleasant experience. I found this car in Florida being sold by a colleague of mine. Buying a car these day in the midst of the a global pandemic has been a challenge when you can’t simply jump on a plane to inspect a car, the next best thing is to look for people you can trust so there are no surprises.

We would have preferred a European specification car with the smaller bumpers and round marker lights, but this rust free example was worth the compromise of the cosmetics.

I’ve been driving two V-6 Dinos this summer, and it was fun to compare it with a V-8 car. This Bertone bodied car may not be as pretty as the curvaceous 246 Dino, but the 308 has a nice stance with aggressive sharp creased lines. The V-8 also offers the few more horses in the exit of the turns!

This car didn’t need much to prep it for the new owner. I wanted to check the timing to see if I could minimize a slight hesitation at a particular rpm, but since the battery is on the other corner of the car, I had to provide my own power for the timing light.

I did an oil change and checked the plugs. I’m going to mess around with the carbs a little bit and take her out for another drive!