308GT/4 Carbs and Tires

I read the plugs on the 308GT/4 and found one plug running a little lean. After checking the mixtures, I decided to take it off and clean it out to see if it would help.

I could have pulled all the carbs and cleaned them, but I didn’t feel it needed it. The car wasn’t running roughly, and if wasn’t for the one plug, I would have not done a thing. As the new owner puts some mileage on this car, I’ll check it again and see what we’ll do over the winter.

My ultrasonic cleaner made quick work of cleaning all the parts in soapy water. It not only does a better job than the old gallon can of carburetor cleaning solution I used to use, but also is not dangerous to my health!

A new set of tires came came in the mail, and I had them mounted to replace the cheap dealer tires the car came with. What an improvement!