Forklift Repair

I have an old Clark forklift at my shop. It last ran about 4 years ago, and couldn’t be run for longer than a few minutes because there was a bad leak in the radiator. I needed to use this forklift to move some heavy equipment, so it was time to get her up and running again.

After trying unsuccessfully to get the radiator out, I soon realized the counterweight needed to come off to get the radiator out. It’s no wonder the previous owner didn’t fix this problem!

I did some calculations and figured my engine hoist was was strong enough to lift off the piece of cast iron hanging off the back of this forklift.

This forklift is easily older than me, sporting a flat head 4 cylinder Continental engine. It was covered in oil and dirt, but I felt it would respond well to some love.

I had the old radiator re-cored, and reinstalled it a week later.

I’ll show you on a later post what I needed to move with the operational forklift, but I quickly found more uses for my forklift putting things up on the loft over the office. She might be an old worn out forklift, but she’s mine, and good to go!