Picking up the 308

I met with the new owner of this Ferrari 308GT/4 to go over the car. It was not only Erol’s first 308, but his first time in a Ferrari! I made a list of things to explain about owning a Ferrari that I often take for granted. These things included how the reverse lock out works on the gated shifter, how to release the hood and engine compartment struts, and where the various levers and controls are hidden. We then went out for a drive so I could explain some of the operational specifics.

We got about 2 minutes down the road, and we began to loose power! I had noticed the gas gauge showed a 1/3 of a tank, but we discovered the reading was faulty! After the embarrassment of running out of gas, we put some fuel back in the car, and were back on our test drive. We made a note to have this sender fixed over the winter.

Erol came up with his father to follow him back home, and we all had a fun time showing Erol his new ride. Good luck with the car!