250 Engine Rebuild

Getting all the right parts for the engine rebuild on this 250GTE is sometimes a challenge. There are a bunch of bearings, washers, and seals that needed to be ordered before I could assemble the timing chest, but we’re just about there. The oil pump needed to be checked for clearances, the water pump bearing installed, and the timing chain idler gears.

I installed one head with the special Austalian Head Gaskets that will ensure no leaks. I highly recommend these gaskets for Vintage Ferraris, and you can read the story about the genesis of these gaskets here. Murray also is making these superior gaskets for some late model Ferraris and Vintage Lamborghinis as well.

The second set of heads needed a little more work before I installed it. I noticed two exhaust studs that were not the same diameter as the others.

They had the same diameter into the head, but were different on the side that held the header. Ferrari used 1.25 pitch threads on the head side and 1.00 pitch threads on the header side. I think making these studs will be easier than trying to buy a pair.