250GTE Suspension Bushings

I’ve been busy reaming the brass bushings on the chassis of a Ferrari 250GTE with my newly purchased 28mm hand reamer.

Getting the reamer to pass through both bushings on either end of the suspension mount insured the pivots would be in alignment.

The final fit of the suspension pivots was still a little tight for my taste, so I honed the internal surfaces with honing stones attached to my drill for the last thousandth of clearance.

Slow and careful honing with cutting oil and constant checking of the fit got the parts to fit perfectly. There was such a feeling of satisfaction to get the parts to slide together with such precision.

Along with a great sense of accomplishment, I also suffered for my success by being pricked by small needle like brass shards in my clothes. These super thin pieces of metal would migrate into my clothes and somehow even find their way into the toe of my sock! I’m sure every machinist has suffered this pain, but I guess it’s all part of the job.