Ferrari 330 Interior

I removed most of the interior on the 330 and put it on a pallet. The plan is to store the leather pieces until I am closer to finishing this car before having the interior refurbished. Considering all the mechanicals, bodywork, and paint needs to be done, getting the interior done too early only risks getting it dirty or damaged. I have found dirt and dust can find its way into all the crevices of an interior and getting it out of the threads and pleats is nearly impossible, so we’re going to wait before re-doing the interior.

There were still a couple of pieces that needed to be added to the pile of interior parts.

The interior trim pieces had to sorted. Some of them are aluminum while others are stainless steel.

The stainless pieces cleaned up nicely and will look even better with some polishing.

There was also a pile of parts I needed to fix like the fender vents. These were chrome plated by the previous owner, but need to be stripped and prepped to be painted back to the original body color.

Removing the rear arm rest I found the Pininfarina internal number marked in grease pencil on the bottom side of the part. These numbers are usually a three digit number, but they often wrote the last two digits in a short hand. I’ll look for this number on other parts as I continue the disassembly, but it’s a start!

This car has been painted a couple times in its past, and although this car is supposed to be originally blue, it was also re-painted in a blue paint from the evidence of the over spray on some of the trim pieces.

I can also see a lighter blue color on some of the pieces, and the over spray is on the window pulleys. I’ll just keep collecting clues to this car’s history!