Ferrari 365GTB/4 Engine Removal

I started the process of removing the engine from a Daytona a couple of weeks ago, and ran into a snag. I invited my friend Peter to assist me and we disconnected all the fuel lines, carburetors, igniton wiring, and coolant lines, but didn’t have the right wrenches to remove the large oil lines to the oil tank for the dry sump system.

I would normally borrow some of these tools from Francois, but I’m slowly accumulating the tools I need to do jobs like these to avoid the trip to his shop, and be a little more self sufficient.

Once I got the oil lines loosened, I still needed an assistant to help guide the engine out of the car, and my daughter happily agreed to help for a nominal fee!

Although I don’t think my daughter will end up choosing Ferrari mechanic as a career choice, I think it will be a good story to tell that the first engine she helped remove from a car was that of the Ferrari Daytona!

Everything was going smoothly until something kept hanging up on the engine preventing it from coming out. It turned out to be the suspension arm mounting bolt. After loosening both a-arm mounts, the bolts moved enough to clear the oil pan and release the engine from the car.

With the engine out, I’ll be bringing it down to Francois’ to replace a noisy timing chain bearing.