330GTS Electric Windows and Air Filters

I was getting ready to send this Ferrari 330GTS out the door when I found a couple of things that needed to be addressed.

The electric windows were both not working so I needed to delve further into the operation of the windows. Ferrari electric windows can suffer from several issues, so I always start with the easiest fix first and this was in the window switches.

The Ducellier switches often found on these windows have little contact blades that arc when the switches operate. This arcing oxidizes the contacts and causes the switch to fail. Sometimes a little bit of careful filing of the contact points will be enough to get things working again, which was the case for a driver’s side window. Unfortunately, this problem can be exacerbated with a worn window motor requiring more amperage to get moving. This increased load causes more draw across the contact points, with larger arcs when the switch is operated. I found the right window wouldn’t work no matter what I did with the switch. I swapped switches from side to side and confirmed the switch was working fine after cleaning, but still wouldn’t work the right window motor.

The next step further into the solution was to take a look at the window motor, first by seeing if the motor would move with the manual crank.

There are two different designs to window cranks, with one like this simple slotted hole, and another one with a gear drive. This slotted hole doesn’t move the window much and seems only help move the window a little bit at a time. Without much movement, I had to pull the door panel off to see what the problem was. It turned out to be a bad window motor, so I have a three wire window motor on it way to me in the mail.

When I was reinstalling the air cleaners on this car, I noticed a problem with the filter elements. They were too short and not sealing to the lid of the air cleaner cover. I figured if you’re going to run air filters on a engine, you might as well have them work!

I’ve tried to find off the shelf air filters from my local auto parts store with limited success. It’s frustrating and often a waste of time to order a filter that has to delivered from the auto parts warehouse only to find it doesn’t fit. Even though they’re a little more expensive, my Ferrari parts supplier has filters in stock, and knows what filters I need. I can also have him measure their heights to confirm. Try getting the kid at the auto parts store to do that!

The correct height filters will do a much better job filtering than the ones I found on the car.