Pedantic 330GT Details

I was looking over some details on a SII 330GT 2+2 the other day, and I noticed a peculiarity that I wanted to share. I never noticed it before and I wanted to see if other’s with this same car have these differences. A couple of SII 330s I have at the shop have at the shop have a strange weld on the back side of their hoods. It looks like a section of material was added to the hoods to lengthen the over size of the hood. I found it easier to show the differences in a video because it’s hard to see the welds in still photos.

Like I said in the video, I measured the length of the hoods between the SI hood and the SII hoods, and the difference was the same as the sectioned in piece on the back side of the hood. There is no sign of the repair on the skin of the hood, but without removing all the paint, I really wouldn’t know if this was done at the factory or some time later. My theory is Pininfarina may have had shorter under structure frames from the SI cars and modified them to use for the SII cars until they ran out and made newer longer pieces for the later cars. What do you think?

I’d be curious to see if other cars had this detail. Let me know in the comments on You Tube, or on my forum.