Ferrari SII 330 Engine Removal

I’m methodically removing all the pieces in the engine compartment on this SII Ferrari 330 so I can pull the engine. The parts are separated for the the different finishes they will need after they are de-greased and cleaned.

Something as simple as the throttle linkage has several finishes. The first thing I had to do was photograph it so I have a record of the orientation of the various arms and linkages. Although I’ve done enough of these to know how they go back together, it’s always good to have a photo reference to refer back to when it’s time to put it all back together.

When everything is disassembled, I needed to get the grease and rust off the parts and inspect what needed repairs or replacement. In this picture alone, there are three different finishes. The majority of the steel pieces get a black oxide finish from the throttle rod and arms, to the carbs linkage clips and spring. The ball socket ends to the carbs get a white cadmium finish while the bearing stands get a black wrinkle paint finish. The bearings inserted in the stands rarely wear out, but require a good cleaning to remove the dirt and grit that accumulated inside.

With the carbs and intakes removed, I had some more vacuuming to do to remove more mouse bedding. “Barn finds” are all the rage in the automotive press, but maybe these journalists wouldn’t be so enthusiastic if they had to do the cleaning!