Ferrari 330GT 2+2 To Do list

I got a SII 330GT 2+2 back at my shop last week to address a few things. I shot a video going over some of the details on this car and to help make a list of “to-dos.”

The car initially came in to address the headlights. Something was wrong with the wiring where the headlight switch wasn’t working. I checked all the simple things like fuses and connections, but delved further into the problem when the simple things didn’t work.

I had to trace the wiring back through the loom and fuse panel to eventually find a bad wire.

While I was poking around the engine compartment, I started making a list of things that I could correct. The distributor caps needed to have the numbers put on the caps.

The fuse panel cover is a little scratched up, so I stripped and painted it.

One of the hood bumpers was missing the rubber bumper, so I ordered a replacement piece so it stops scuffing up the hood.

With the fresh paint on the car, some of the chrome was looking a little worn. The headlight rings will be sent out for replating.

I’ll include the trunk lock with batch of chrome plating since it’s a little pitted.