Origin Story

Since I’ve been adding to this blog since 1999, I’ve seen quite a lot of changes. I’ve outlasted Compuserve, Altavista, and started when “googling” wasn’t yet a verb! In recent years, I’ve noticed a change in Internet Traffic and noticed a steady downward trend in visits to my site. Social Media and other mediums like YouTube were drawing the attention of viewership. I started this website to share my experience with like minded people in the Ferrari Community, and I felt the people that found my site were plenty to keep doing what I did, however, traffic continued to decline. I soon began to realize I had a new generation of Internet users that didn’t know about this website simply because I wasn’t on their “feeds.” Looking at what was available on their feeds in Social Media and You Tube, I decided to re-introduce myself to the this area to continue building this community. I created a few videos in the past few weeks and this one is my introduction to my 330 America. Thanks for watching.