2020 Pledge Drive

Every year in December I start a month long pledge drive asking for some help to support this website and the work I put into it. It gives me some time to reflect on the activities I participated in and shared on this website with followers from all over the world, but this year was very different. We have all shared in a worldwide Pandemic and have watched our normal lives all turned upside down. I have always tried to share my life involved with Vintage Ferraris on this website and it continues over 20 years now, but I feel now more than ever, it’s been important to me to share even more. As well as offering a distraction to you during this Pandemic, blogging during the quarantine has been good for me too. I may not be traveling as much, but I’ve been keeping my head down and working on the cars from my customers that still want their Ferraris fixed, maintained, and restored. Sharing this all with you has been my pleasure.

I’m looking forward to 2021 and the hope for a better year for recovery and a brighter future. I’ve already been making some changes by shooting a couple of new videos for a YouTube Channel that I host. The videos are linked to blog posts I have here, but you can also see some of the other videos I’ve made by looking it up directly on youtube.com/tomyangnet and hope you like them. Even though I come from a television background and have been editing video since the 80s, technology is constantly changing, and I’m constantly learning about new techniques and equipment. I’m working hard at buying the most cost effective gear to achieve the results I want, so be patient.

Don’t worry, I won’t stop blogging. It has become second nature to me, and I don’t think I can live without the catharsis, but with all this time given to us during this pandemic, I can use some of this time to develop more content. Your pledges offer me the support to keep this website happening, and all my future projects involving cars and the Vintage Ferrari world. I sincerely thank you, and look forward to next year. Are you with me?

For those that want to send a traditional check, my snail mail address is:

Tomyang.net LLC

PO Box 36

Hollowville, NY 12530