Ferrari 330 Shifter Bushing

I got back on the SII Ferrari 330GT 2+2 disassembly by working on the transmission removal. The transmission on the SII 330 is a monster. It’s a true 5 speed gearbox with a cast iron case that weighs a ton. It comes out from the passenger compartment like most Vintage Ferraris, so I’ll have to get some help to complete its removal.

We’ll be rebuilding the gearbox in the future, but I also wanted to get a jump on the gear shift lever. The chrome on this lever was pretty worn and rusty and needed to be taken off so I could send it out to the chrome plater.

This 330 transmission had a nicely machined two part ball socket made out of brass or bronze held in place with a snap ring. This was Ferrari’s answer to the earlier design that used a soft plastic bushing that disintegrated too quickly.

Now that I have everything apart, I’ll send the shifter lever out and reassemble when it comes back!

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