330 Throttle Shaft Details

Although this SII 330 I have at the shop is a long way away from being done as I’m still in the disassembly process, it’s nice to complete small projects to keep me and owner excited about the restoration. I had all the parts to the throttle shafts cleaned, plated, and one of the last things to do was to wrinkle paint the throttle shaft stands.

You may remember last Fall, I repurposed a barbeque grill to heat up parts for wrinkle painting, and this was a good time to try it out since it’s too cold outside to wrinkle paint.

After masking off the bearings inside the throttle stands, I sprayed on successive coats of wrinkle paint before putting them inside my makeshift oven.

After letting the wrinkle paint do its thing, I let the parts cool off to put the throttle shaft parts together.

New grease was applied to the bearings, and the parts I finished in black oxide were laid out. The throttle shaft was assembled from the picture I took before so I could get the parts installed in the correct order and orientation. One assembly is done and ready for installation.

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