Dino Stalks

One of the winter projects for a Dino I have at my shop is to pull the steering column and have the turn signal stalks repaired. The turn signal stalks on Ferraris built from the mid 60s to early 70s all suffer from weak plastic bases on these stalks. As they age, the plastic gets brittle and becomes even weaker. I always warn new owners of Ferraris from this era to be careful when jumping into the driver’s seat because an errant bump from a knee can easily snap this stalk off, not to mention too much force on the turn signal stalk. It’s also hard not to sound like an anal retentive Ferrari owner when allowing friends to drive their car and you have to warn them about all the car’s weaknesses!

This particular car had a functioning turn signal stalk, but the stalk that operated the lights was previously repaired with a tie-wrap. It was loose and one step away from breaking. The best solution was to remove the stalk assembly and have this repaired properly.

There is a multi pin connector at the bottom of the steering column and I have found it’s more cost effective to pull the steering column out of the car and send the whole assembly out for repair. I send this assembly to ODD Parts in CA. Jim disconnects the wiring, disassembles the column switches, inspects what’s broken, recasts the weak plastic stalk bases with stronger material, reinforcing where he can, checks the operation of the unit, re-installs the switch inside the column, puts the wiring pins back in the multi-pin plug, and sends the unit back to me. I can simply re-install the unit and be back in business without charging more time to check for wiring. The service from ODD parts is not cheap, but the service is invaluable to correctly repair this problem.

Jim Simpson sent me a link to a video after he received my damaged Dino switch, and here’s the video he shot of it!

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