Ferrari 330 Drive Shaft

Disassembly continued with the SII 330 I have at the shop, and the drive shaft needed to come out and it started with removing the bolts that secured the rubber driveshaft coupling. It looks like this car was stored in a damp place when it was last parked, so everything has a layer of rust. I soaked everything in penetrating oil days before to give me a fighting chance at getting everything apart without too much struggle.

The u-joint by the rear axle had to come off first to give enough clearance to slide the driveshaft back off the tail of the transmission.

Not only was there a lot of surface rust on this car, there were a bunch of these insect nests made under the car. I’m not etymologist, but I think these are mud dauber wasp nests. I hope they’re empty!

With the drive shaft out of the car, I can see it’s been out of the car before from the evidence of the washer welded to the shaft. Ferrari used solder to balance these driveshafts, but modern driveshaft shops weld washers for balance weights.

We’ll be replacing the rubber doughnut, cleaning up with bolts, disassembling the u-joint, inspecting for wear, and repacking with grease.

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