Ferrari 330GTC Bodywork

I stopped by The Panel Shop in Stratford Connecticut to drop off some parts and to inspect the body work being done on a 330GTC that a customer of mine owns.

Mark Barton and Steve Hall have been doing my metal fabrication and bodywork for many years and you may have seen their work on various projects at Francois’ shop and now mine. These two fabricators are Englishmen that were classically trained in the UK under Rolls Royce and Aston Martin, so they carry on the decades traditions of English metalworking. I am always in awe of their skills, and will try to showcase their craft as often as I can!

My roll in the process is to provide them with as much information on these cars so they can reproduce the details correctly. I often bring down gaskets, trim pieces, and seals so they know exactly the distance they need to get the parts to fit right. I brought the bumpers down last time and we can see how Mark had brought the bodywork to fit the chrome pieces exactly. We’ll get them even better with the rubber seal and grille installed.

Once Mark gets the bumpers installed properly, he’ll weld up this hole in the bumper for me that once held a bracket that spanned across the nose of the car. I’ve seen this on several GTCs in the past, and was installed to protect the nose between the two small bumpers from impact, but I think it really detracts from the shape and beauty of the 330GTC. It’s the only time where I will make an executive decision to eliminate something that may have been installed on the car since new.

I’ve been working really hard on creating videos on some of the cars I’ve been working on, and I want to thank you for the positive words of support. Although I don’t expect to be the next YouTube star I feel the videos really help explain some of the things I do better than just pictures. Subscribing, or liking these videos will help propagate these videos across the internet and allow like minded viewers who enjoy Vintage Ferrari content see and strengthen the community. Thanks for watching!