Ferrari 330 Engine and Suspension Removal

I pulled the engine out of the SII 330 last week. Compared to pulling the Daytona engine, this removal was a piece of cake! This engine will need a complete rebuild but before anything gets started, I’ll have to pressure wash the grime and dirt off the outside. It’ll keep me from getting dirtier when pulling the parts off!

I removed the brake master/booster set up while I was working in the engine compartment. There is one nut out of four that hides in the back of the brake booster that requires removing the rear splash shield. This is why it often takes double the amount of time to work on a Ferrari!

Next job to tackle was the front suspension, and that began with removing the front hubs.

Before removing the steering box and linkages, I wanted to check if there were any alignment marks on the steering shaft, but didn’t find any. I’ve heard not all boxes had them, and no matter where I looked on the steering shaft, I couldn’t find a mark. I will look again when I have this steering box on my workbench.

The front suspension on this car was exceptionally greasy. I’m not sure what the source of all this grease was from, but it coated everything and years of dirt was caked on top of the grease. I had to scrape off the grease just so I could find the cotter pins to take them out!

I carefully disassembled the suspension and released the tension on the front spring.

I’ve got my work cut out for me de-greasing, cleaning, painting, and plating!