Windshield Sealing

I posted a video showing some of the details to installing a Ferrari 365GTB/4 windshield, but had one more task to do before I could call it done and that was seal the edges with silicone sealant. This was the crucial last step to stopping water intrusion at the glass, but care also had to be taken to masking the bead areas so everything was nice and neat. I was scared to death about making a mistake because all my work up until now could be ruined if I didn’t get this step right. Psychologically, I would take several days to get enough courage to do the next step and learn as much about tricks and tips to make a nice clean line. Eventually, I just had to roll up my sleeves and do it!

After taking this windshield out and examining the way the gasket fit around the glass and into the car, I found large gaps where water could get past the gasket. The Ferrari Factory probably used sealer at the joint between the rubber and the body because of these gaps, but I found even larger gaps between the glass and the gasket. The only solution was to apply sealant at both junctures. With two beads to lay, I had my work with a steady hand cut out for me!