Ferrari 330 Suspension Cleaning

With the suspension removed from the 330 I’m restoring, I started the job of cleaning all the parts.

I’m not sure how, but all the suspension pieces were covered in a thick layer of greasy dirt. I’m not sure where the source of the oil or grease came from, but I had scrape the thick stuff off before clogging up my wash tank.

Once de-greased, I could inspect the suspension pieces closer and decide what needed what. The control arms looked in good shape, but since everything was apart and might not come apart for another lifetime, I’ll be sending them out for new plating.

The front springs has this white and red color coding painted on the spring. I will repaint this marking on the spring after fresh black paint is applied.

The outer pivot pins were worn and had shown signs of seizing so we’ll get new pivot pins along with new bushings for the front suspension.

Another thing to add to the list will be one spring cup spacer. These are aluminum and can rot away if exposed to the elements. The reaction between it and the steel spring cup is not good for longevity!

I can see there was a repair made to the shock mount on the suspension upright from the extra bead of weld I found.

The other side shows how it originally looked. I had a similar failure on the GTE front suspension I did a few months back, but I was able to weld the stud from the back side where the factory originally attached the bolt. The repair on this car was probably done in situ when it broke off.