Ferrari Engine Stand

If you’ve been following this website over the years, then you’ve seen a bunch of engines rebuilt over the years. These rebuilds happen at my mentor, Francois Sicard’s shop in Connecticut. He has an original Ferrari Factory engine stand that we use for rebuilding. It’s a very sturdy unit made originally for four mount Colombo V-12 engines.

I’ve had guys contact me through the years for closer photos of the details so they could make one themselves. Engine stands made for American V-8s mount to the bell housing and don’t work well for some Ferrari engines because early V-12s didn’t have access to the crankshaft on the front of the engine for turning. The timing marks are also at the flywheel side, so and having clear access to the rear of the engine is just as important as the front.

Getting the balance right if the engine is mounted on the side if you want to flip it over with relative ease is pretty important, so I took some measurements for the people who asked for them.

One version uses two engine stands mounted apposed to each other. The problem here is many American V-8 engine stands have a slight tilt to the yoke, so these stands have to be modified so the pivots work parallel.

The later Ferrari engines went from a four mount engine stand to a two mount engine stand, so adapters will need to be made to work for the different configurations.

Although I am still rebuilding engines down at Francois’s shop, I am finding a need for an engine stand of my own. It would be nice to mount them at my shop for cleaning and disassembly. I know the caveats, but need to decide which direction I want to go. I guess the first step is to see if anyone I have helped in the past has an engine stand they’re not using anymore? The one I build will have to be flexible enough to adapt both four and two mount engine blocks, but before I make one, I figured I would ask if anyone has one for sale? I’m open to any suggestions to help me find one. Thanks!