Ferrari 330 Steering Assmebly and Rear Axle

With the front suspension removed from this 330, there was no need for the steering wheel anymore, so I could remove it and send the turn signal assembly out for rebuilding.

The plastic bases on the turn signal assemblies were cracked and broken like most cars of this age, so they needed some love.

I took notes on where the ignition wires went, and took this picture to keep with the car for future reference.

When I went to unbolt the steering shaft one of the allen bolts sheared off, so I’ll have to find a replacement when all this goes back together.

With the steering hub removed from the car, I needed to remove a special bolt before I could send the turn signal assembly out.

There is a special bolt that shears off when tightening in place. It’s a tamper resistant bolt to keep from easily removing the steering column to defeat the steering lock.

I cut a slot in this bolt so I could use a punch to back out the bolt. I’ll either find a replacement tamper proof bolt, or turn a new one on my lathe when this all goes back together.

The next step was to remove the rear axle on this car. I want to disassemble as much of this car before sending it off to the body shop, and since the front suspension is off, I might as well remove the rear axle as well. I’ve got a body dolly coming to mount the car, so we’ll see how it works with this car once all the wheels and suspension are removed.

The first step was to drain the axle oil out of the rear differential. The owner’s manual requires 250 weight oil which is very thick for the Ferrari rear axle, but I wondered how old this oil was when it refused to drain with the plug removed!