Spreading Lies

I was recently made aware of the Ferrari 250GTE SN 3547 for sale advertised on Hemming’s Motor News from Fantasy Junction. It’s a car that I have done some minor mechanical work, but certainly not anything near the scope the advertisement stated. This is what they said:

By 1997 the car is known to have been registered on Florida collector plates “017274” when it is offered for sale in February of that year at a classic car dealership in Naples, Florida, painted Russo Rubino with cream interior with the asking price of $65,000.00. In July 1997 the car is offered for sale in the Ferrari Market Letter by Shelton Sports Cars, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 1997, having patiently waited still with its original engine, #3547 is duly rewarded with a top notch restoration by Tom Yang in New York and Francois Sicard in Connecticut, with additional work performed by Nick Soprano’s Motor Classic and Competition Co., in New York. In 2014, the car is then sold to Jose Romero, Driversource, Houston, Texas and later that year to Bradley Farrell, New York.

In addition to the extensive work performed on the car in excess of $50,000.00 during the 1997 restoration, the car was comprehensively restored by Yang and Sicard, and further updated from 2012-2014, with a fresh coat of paint applied in 2014, during which no expense was spared servicing the car and maintaining it to a very high standard including the following items: replacement of directional switch, replacement of all ball joints, all new suspension bushings, a new driveshaft u-joint, replacement rubber drive ring to driveshaft, four of six control arm bushings replaced, all new spark plugs, two new tie rod ends, new oil filter, new air filter, pinion bearing, new bump stops, and all transmission mounts. A new thermostat was installed, a new heater valve cable, a set of seat belts, a correct Nardi steering wheel, an ANSA exhaust system, and four new tires were mounted. While being serviced, the car also had a left side headlamp dish repaired, trunk latch repair, taillights repaired, parking brake, clutch, throttle linkage, and choke cable adjusted. The carburetors were cleaned, distributors recalibrated, fire wall holes sealed, air restrictor plates fabricated and installed for the intake vents, and a minor fuel leak remedied. The Massini report further details many of these items through the date assigned, November 20, 2019.

Francois and I NEVER RESTORED THIS CAR! We did some mechanical work for the owner Bradley Farrell when he owned it, but also know he took the car to other shops as well as ours when he owned it. We didn’t do the paint, or restore any of the car. I don’t know where they got that information, but it’s misrepresenting the car. Without receipts, I’d be curious how they are going to prove these falsehoods? I’ve reached out to Fantasy Junction to make these corrections, but have not heard from them. As always, buyer beware, and check your sources!