Ferrari 330GTS Quick Drive

I took a Ferrari 330GTS out for one last drive before sending her on its way. I wanted to make sure the steering column was installed correctly after removing it to have the turn signal stalks repaired. The struggle in the Northeast is the conditions are unpredictable on how salt free the roads are when it snows. This winter seemed especially stormy, so finding the right conditions to drive a Vintage Ferrari can be challenging. A drive was absolutely necessary to make sure the steering wheel was indexed straight because simply setting the wheel straight might not be exactly where the steering wheel ends up when driving. It would drive me nuts to have a slight misalignment, so I wanted to make sure absolutely sure.

I chose a day that was really cold at about 10 degrees Fahrenheit. In temperatures this low, the ground gets quite hard, and the briny salt puddles freezes solid. I carefully took the car out for a quick drive avoiding any moisture and returned before exposing the car to salt.

I always have mixed emotions when a car this nice goes back to its owner. A Ferrari 330GTS is probably one of my favorite cars, with the right amount of power, handling, and brakes, along with an ease of mechanical maintenance, this car checks off a lot of boxes on the Vintage Ferrari checklist. Add to that it is a convertible, and it becomes a nearly perfect Vintage Ferrari. The owners of these cars know it too, and prices are well into the 7 figures for ownership, so that makes it easier to send this car out of my shop and out of my responsibility! I’m lucky to have the opportunity to drive and care for these cars, and relieved to send these cars home without incident!