YouTube and Tiring Woes

I’ve been busy with some family health issues, and although I’ve been also working on cars a bunch, I’ve also had to find more time to shoot and edit videos for YouTube as well as blog posts here for the website! To say my life is a full time job would be an understatement. As always, I find the stuff I share on the Internet a welcome distraction, so I hope you’re enjoying them too! To keep me motivated, please help me by subscribing to YouTube by signing on and hitting the subscribe button, liking the video or even leave a comment. I’m not trying to become a YouTube Star, but rather build a small community of Vintage Ferrari Enthusiasts on YouTube just like I did on this website. The few of us that care about this stuff will always have a home on the Internet and I will try my best to host it!

Despite my busy schedule, I wanted to post something to the web today, and found this old blog post I didn’t have a chance to post from a couple of months ago. It’s not Ferrari Content, but just another story about car ownership!

I got a flat tire on my ’03 911 several weeks, but it was totally my fault. I sometimes drive this car to work and occasionally park behind the building. The area out back is shared with a retail store that sells building supplies, and I’ve been meaning to sweep the back with a large magnet knowing there were probably errant nails ready to puncture a tire. I’ve been so busy, I put off taking care of this crucial task.

I parked in my garage at home, and heard a hissing noise, and knew immediately what it was. I quickly grabbed a plug kit, found the nail, and plugged up the hole.

After sleeping on it, I decided to go ahead and replace the tire. I would have probably kept driving if it were my daily driver, but since this Porsche sees some occasional high speeds, it was probably safer with a new tire. Unfortunately, since the old tire was about 50% worn, I was concerned the mismatched tires would throw off the traction control, so I bought two tires. Luckily, the car is only 2wd, so I only needed to buy a pair of rear tires.

Despite only needing two tires, I still spent over $650 bucks for my procrastination!

After getting the new tires mounted, balanced, and installed, I immediately went out and bought a magnet on wheels and swept the area out back of the shop and this is what I found. It’s amazing I didn’t get more flats before!