Ferrari 308 Seat Repair

I brought a set of Ferrari 308GT/4 seats down to my upholsterer to try and repair a tear in the leather. The leather Ferrari used in the 70s and 80s was pretty poor quality to begin with, add to that years of drying out, and the leather becomes quite fragile. These seats had the added problem of broken support straps in the seat bottoms, so we needed some emergency repairs.

Justin, my upholsterer managed to glue another leather patch under the original leather, and dye the crack to match the surrounding blue dye. The straps underneath were repaired, and we managed to preserve these original seats for a few more years.

Here’s a video I shot of the work I had done on the seats. I think the videos really help show the process of the work and I hope you’re enjoying them. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so more people hear about these videos. Getting the word out helps motivate me to do more! Thanks!