Capture Nut Repair Solution

Several weeks ago I posted a YouTube video looking for solutions for a broken Capture Nut. It was in a very tight position, and I needed to get this repaired before sending the car out for bodywork and paint.

My friend Mike, a fellow Ferrari Owner and dentist, offer a solution that sounded like it would work with the least amount of damage to area. Mike has a portable dentist’s drill with very small carbide bits that could reach this capture nut and was willing to make a house call with his set up. Since Mike is retiring, I felt better about his using the equipment to cut up an old Ferrari and it was not going to be put back into a patient’s mouth!

The square capture nut was pretty well seized to the bolt, so cutting it out and replacing it was the only solution.

The Dentist’s Drill made quick work of cutting out the seized nut and the first step of replacing the nut was done. Thanks Mike!