Ferrari 365BT/4 Daytona Engine

Like most shops these days, we’re super busy. I’ve been buried in work at my shop, and still find time to head down to Francois’ shop to put some time in on engine work we need to get done there.

I started disassembling a Daytona engine to address a noisy bearing inside the timing case. Before the timing chest came apart, we needed to make sure the proper marks were in place so we could put everything back properly.

The factory marked each camshaft with a mark that lined up with a camshaft stand when the engine was at #1 top dead center. These marks corresponded when the engine was new, but not necessarily after the parts wore in, or new parts were replaced. Before we took anything apart, we want to confirm the location of these marks.

Here’s a better picture of another cam mark. Luckily, the marks lined up, and I didn’t have to make new ones for our purposes. When everything is back together, we’ll check cam timing to make any adjustments.

Francois and I made quick work on the removal of the timing chest on this engine. It looks like someone has been inside before, but soon a new bearing will be installed and we can get this engine buttoned up and back together again!