Ferrari 308 Carburetors

I shot a video several weeks ago showing how I disassemble a set of Weber DCNF carburetors on a 308.

Pump gas in America usually has 10% ethanol added to the mixture which does all sorts of bad things to carburetors especially when they’re not used often. Gasoline is also formulated for fuel injection these days, which is a closed system, not open to atmospheric pressure as it’s delivered under pressure by fuel pumps. Carburetors meter the air fuel ratio with atmospheric pressure and the venturi effect, so all sorts of things have been happening to the way our carburetor cars run. A good cleaning is at least a start to getting a caburetor to run right. If a passageway is clogged, or if a float is out of adjustment, you won’t get proper metering, so let’s start with the basics.