Ferrari 308GT/4 Transmission Output Seals

I took the 308 over to the alignment shop after I finished the front suspension rebuild.

As it was on the lift, I noticed fresh oil leaking from under the car. It wasn’t engine oil, but looked like gear oil, so I made a note and would look further into it when I got the alignment done.

Back at my shop, I got the car up in the air and took a closer look.

I found a trail of oil staining that followed a ring around each of the axle shafts coming out of the transmission output seals. It looks like it was happening for a while, but was recently getting worse. We didn’t need any more oil slinging onto the exhaust manifolds causing a potential fire. I seem to recall the shop that recently replaced the clutch on this car topped up the transmission, and perhaps the higher level was pushing more gear oil out of these failing seals. I ordered new seals to get this sorted.