All Sorts of little Projects

I’ve had so many little projects on the side of the the bigger projects I’ve been working on, but they might be interesting to review anyway. I wanted to paint the steering shaft of a GTE I have at the shop because the paint was pretty crusty.

Brake fluid and errant wrenches tend to chip the paint on the steering shaft and it’s one of the most prominent things on the driver’s side the the engine compartment.

After unbolting the U-joints, I removed the steering shaft from the car. I’ll disassemble the u-joints, and regrease while everything is out.

The build of a 250GTE engine for another car is completed, but when I went to rebuild the mechanical fuel pump, I found some issues with the check valves. The brass bodies had small cracks that could affect the performance of the pump. The mechanical fuel pump has its challenges providing fuel to the engine from internal sealing to vapor locking, so making sure everything is perfect gives it a better chance of working properly.

I still had some spare check valves in my stash that I could replace the cracked ones, but I’ll have to start looking for replacements soon!