Ferrari Parts

I get emails all the time from people trying to sell me Ferrari parts, and although I’m tempted, I try my best not to buy too many parts, and yet I still end up with a stash of parts! I’ll take them for a good price, but they’re not worth as much as people think. I just got a second set of Camapagnolo wheels that fit a SII 330. These wheels were not in the best shape, but the price was right so I couldn’t pass it up. People have an unrealistic view of Ferrari parts where they think we own a gold mine of parts, but the reality is the only profit to be made is the one time every few years someone needs exactly what you have. The rest of the time, you’re moving the parts from one storage area to the next, cleaning them, taking pictures for potential buyers, assuring the buyer the parts you have will fit their car, and taking time out of your day to pack, ship, and arrange payment, only to have the buyer complain the part was not as you described, and they want their money back! I collect parts more for my personal customers where I know they will fit, and don’t have to deal with the variable buyer looking for random parts. What about these wheels? I’ve already spent 2 hours dismounting the old tires and power washing the mouse poop off of them which I’ll never get back!

Speaking of parts, I broke my rule and sold my last accelerator scuff plate from my stash to a buyer in France. It fit perfectly and he was happy with the part, but I didn’t have any more in case I needed another one. I know these are being made by another supplier, but they cost twice what I charge, and I can have them made for a reasonable cost. The convenience of having a stash of these and ability to sell them for a lot less motivated me to make more. This time I had them made in pre-polished stainless steel and I should have a lifetime supply considering I sold my last one about 2 years ago! Let me know if you need one.