Ferrari 330 Suspension Arms

I worked on the front suspension parts to the 330 that I’m restoring. I wanted to get the suspension arms apart so I could send them out for nickel plating.

Some of the front suspension parts were covered in oily, dirty concretions from years of leaks and exposure.

I also disassembled the king pin assemblies of the front spindles to inspect the bearings and replace the pivot bushings.

After thoroughly cleaning the suspension arms, I pressed out the old bushings.

I checked the steering box for play and it felt pretty good on the bench without any dead spots or binding. I cleaned the outside of the case and put on a fresh coat of paint. I drained the oil gear oil out of the unit and will replace all the seals after the paint has hardened.

The sway bar end links will be included with the nickel plating batch after a good cleaning.

These parts will be heading out to the plater soon!