Ferrari 365GT 2+2 Service

I had Ferrari 365GT 2+2 in for her annual service. I’ve taken care of this car through three owners and it’s always nice to see her again. Aron, the current owner, has been taking good care of this car, and we always try to keep up on the maintenance and improvements.

I noticed this year, the carburetors were running a little roughly. Lack of miles along with deposits from old fuel can clog some of the internal passages in the carburetors, so I felt it was best to disassemble them and give them a good ultrasonic cleaning.

The modern fuel formulation along with the addition of alcohol in American fuel seems to have changed the way carburetors with stock jets run. I’ve been experimenting with changing some of the jets in the carburetors to help them run better. I’ve been consulting with Mike Pierce, the Weber Carburetor Guru, and he feels going up one or two sizes in idle jets seem to help tuning. Each car is different, from compression, to exhaust back pressure, so there is no one rule to jetting a carburetor. Sometimes, it just takes a little trial and error. I went up one size in idle jets on this carburetor, and it seemed to help.

I found a persistent oil leak coming from the back of the engine, and I narrowed it down to the tachometer drive.

There’s a small o-ring that often is forgotten and is a source of leaks when it hardens and stops sealing. Hopefully, with a new one, it’ll stop some of the oil leaks. Ferraris are notorious for leaking oil, and chasing them all can be a challenge!