Ferrari 275GTB Details

I had the opportunity to show a Ferrari 275GTB for a friend of mine. Charley Hutton restored this car for a customer of his and he asked me at the time to help him with some of the details. Charley is a well known painter in the hot rodding world, and was even seen on Boyd Coddington’s TV show, but now lives a much quieter life restoring and painting cars. This 275GTB was the first Vintage Ferrari Charley restored, so he asked me to help with sourcing some of the parts, and to guide him through some of the final detailing. I was happy to help, but never got to see the final product until a few weeks ago. The car was invited to show at Amelia Island but Charley had a scheduling conflict. He asked if I could go in his place, and since I was already going to be at Amelia Island, it all worked out perfectly.

The car looked spectacular and I was really impressed with the work. I did manage to find a few things that needed correcting to make it even more perfect, and I shot a video to help Charley out.