Ferrari 330GT Bodywork Update

I seem to be managing a few 330GT 2+2s these days and it may be confusing to keep track. I have one that was getting a new exhaust, one getting a complete restoration, and one getting a color change. That’s just the SII cars I’ve been working on, because there’s another SI car that I’ve been consulting on remotely! Working on these cars is just half the time I spend with these Ferraris as I still have to blog and edit video so I can share the experience with you guys!

Here’s a video of the SII 330 that’s going through a complete restoration and is currently getting body work done in preparation for paint. I hope you can see how much work is involved with bodywork to get these cars to look their best. When I say “bodywork,” I mean metal work, and not the sanding down of plastic filler many lesser shops do. Yes, body filler is definitely part of the process of getting good straight paint work, but it is not a substitute for metalwork. There is a huge difference in time spent getting bodywork done in metal over bodywork done with plastic filler, and it’s sometimes hard to see once the paint is applied. I hope this is apparent after seeing this video.