GTE Fuel Electric Pump

This 250GTE is about to go on a road trip, so I wanted to make sure everything was working in tip top shape. One thing I wanted to do was install an auxiliary fuel pump to help with fuel delivery.

I’m not sure if all GTEs have it, but under the rear seat cushion are two access panels that allows access to the fuel pump and rear fuel filter.

The one banjo bolt to the fuel filter is really hard to access, but this door makes it easy from above.

Even though I can get to the one bolt, I still removed the whole filter assembly so I could properly replace all the sealing gaskets and filter.

I plumbed in an extra fuel pump in parallel to the original FISPA fuel pump to assist in the fuel delivery. The irony with the original pump is when you need it the most, when it’s hot and running for a while, is when it usually fails. Modern fuel with at least 10 percent alcohol also evaporates at lower temperatures, so having a second modern fuel pump working in parallel will insure we have proper fuel delivery no matter the conditions.

My only problem was I had some difficulty getting the nipple adapter to seal to the old fuel pump. After trying a bunch of copper and aluminum washers, I finally used these trick nitrile/aluminum washers. I need to get more of these things!